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Microblading for Men: The New Trend for 2021

This is a guest post that was featured on, a leading resource for professionals and clients on microblading services, microblading supplies, and care tips.

Can men microblade their eyebrows? Of course!

It’s a myth that men don’t care about their appearance, especially in the age of Instagram and other social media.

You would be surprised by how many beauticians are microblading men’s eyebrows daily. While we often think of eyebrow treatments as being a woman’s beauty treatment, microblading is becoming increasingly popular amongst men who want to tame their bushy eyebrows. Microblading your eyebrows is the best way to keep them looking well-groomed and tailored.

Why is microblading for men becoming more popular?

One of the reasons for the popularity in microblading men’s eyebrows is that it is a sure way of achieving natural-looking brows. If you want to make it look as though you haven’t had any work done, then microblading is the way to go, a quick search on Youtube will find you hundreds of videos of men speaking about their microblading experience.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing treatment that uses pigment to mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. This procedure uses a small hand-held device with a dozen micro-needles that scrap your skin to apply the colour directly onto the first layer of your skin. The device is small enough for your technician to get up close and personal, giving a blurring result that makes it impossible to tell the artificial hairs from the natural ones.

Is microblading male eyebrows different?

Most women use microblading as a way to change their eyebrow shape entirely. Microblading men’s eyebrows is a treatment that is more focused on enhancing the natural shape of your eyebrows and making them appear fuller and fluffier. Our advice for men looking to try microblading is to stay away from the urge to add an arch to your eyebrow, as this will instantly make your face appear more feminine.

Microblading is not only for eyebrows, but for hair loss too.

If you have suffered hair loss as a result of illness or a condition like alopecia, then microblading your eyebrows can give you a confidence boost. Microblading is also an ideal way to cut down on grooming time, especially if you have eyebrows that you feel you need to brush into shape every day. It is also a great way to hide scarring around your eyes, and can naturally thicken your eyebrows if they’re on the thinner side.

This treatment is an investment that lets you wake up every morning with a perfectly shaped set of eyebrows. We recommend having a look online at before-and-after photos, as well as celebrity photos for some inspiration on which brow shape you want to recreate.

There is no difference between microblading men’s eyebrows and women’s, it’s a gender-neutral procedure. The only thing that your beautician will do differently is the amount of brow mapping that they do to get a particular shape. Women tend to favour eyebrow shapes that focus around a sharp arch, which requires more precision than the straight eyebrow shape that men tend to chose.

Will it be obvious if I microblade?

Microblading uses micro-needles that mimic your own hair in such a way that they appear as natural as possible. No one would ever know that you’ve had an eyebrow treatment done. The naked eye can not tell the difference between artificial hair and your natural hair.

Unlike other eyebrow treatments, such as waxing, the longevity of microblading is one of its main benefits. You can expect your microblading to last up to three years. After you have your first treatment, there is usually a six week healing period before you have to go back in for a touch-up. This step is optional but highly recommended as it allows you to make any small changes and to fill in any spots that you want to be improved.

After your initial touch-up, you can expect to go back in for a treatment every twelve to eighteen months, depending on how your skin reacts to the pigment.

What happens after I microblade?

One thing worth noting is that there is a recovery time with microblading and some microblading aftercare things that you should keep in mind. If you are someone who goes to the gym every day, you might want to wait and schedule in a microblading session just before the holidays.

Once your eyebrows have been micro-bladed, you can’t get any sweat on them for a week as this can smudge the pigment and create uneven brows. You’ll also want to avoid the sun during the healing process, as your skin will be sensitive and is at a higher risk of burning.

In the first week after your microblading, your eyebrows will start to scab and peel. This scabbing is perfectly normal and is how the pigment develops into your eyebrows to get its final colour.

If you are looking to make your microblading as subtle as possible, you might want to book your treatment while you’re off work or on holiday. While it can take six weeks to heal, most of the scabbing should be gone within a week or so. You mustn’t pick or peal at the scab as this can remove the pigment and leave you with sparse eyebrows, as well as damaging your skin.

Should I get my eyebrows microbladed if I'm a guy?

Is microblading for men? Absolutely. It’s something that every man could benefit from trying. If you have thin eyebrows due to hair loss, microblading can give you the confidence boost that you need to make you feel great about your appearance. If you have eyebrows that look like they belong to a gorilla, then microblading can help make looked groomed and polished with minimal effort. Don’t let the idea that microblading is “just” for women put you off. The treatment is entirely gender-neutral, and more men are opting to have their eyebrows micro-bladed every year.

Thanks to social media and our need to overshare online, our appearance is under more scrutiny than ever before, that sentiment is as true for men as it is for women. Microblading is a simple way of boosting your confidence and improving your appearance. It’s as suitable for men as it is for women.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Dec 05, 2023

Explore the rising trend of microblading for men, a grooming technique that goes beyond aesthetics by embracing a palliative care approach. This innovative trend not only focuses on enhancing facial features but also considers the emotional well-being of individuals. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to fostering self-esteem, microblading for men exemplifies a grooming trend that aligns with the principles of palliative care, bringing comfort and confidence to those seeking a renewed sense of self.


Anders Soft
Anders Soft
Aug 25, 2023

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Angelica Samilin
Angelica Samilin
Sep 07, 2021

Great! You have pictures that men can do this treatment as well. I'm taking my brother to fix his eyebrows at DVS Beauty Bar. Here's a link to their website


Feb 13, 2021

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