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How to Have Perfect Brows ALL the Time

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

For all women having the perfect eyebrows is an essential factor in creating a beautiful look that will give you confidence. Well-groomed eyebrows are an important part of your overall look and will give a neat and tidy appearance, by being perfectly trimmed will also help you when applying makeup to enhance the area around the eyes, making you look even more beautiful.

However, sometimes we are too focused on perfectly grooming our eyebrows to perfection that we make simple mistakes. You know what they say, too much love will kill you.

Eyebrow Mistakes Anyone Might Make

Not plucking at all. Most women do not have perfect eyebrows, I think pretty much all women could use a little eyebrow taming from time to time. Well-groomed brows can make you look younger, prettier, and more professional. But going au-natural with your brows could mean bushy, uneven brows, a unibrow, or just a messy, frumpy look. Instead, get professional help in plucking or waxing the first time, and be extremely cautious in the future when removing extra eyebrow hairs.

Over plucking. Avoid over-plucking by tweezing slowly, take only one or two hairs at a time, then switch to the other eyebrow and pluck just one or two hairs. Continue alternating brows until you get the look you desire. I prefer to use a tiny pair of tweezers, with bright lights and a mirror for the best results.

Making brows too skinny. Well-groomed eyebrows are pleasing to look at. However, too skinny brows can do more harm than good to your appearance. Skinny brows can look harsh, making you look older, tired, or grumpy. Make sure you let your brows grow in a little bit if you feel they are starting to look too thin.

Leaving brows messy. Messy brows are easily tamed with a tiny bit of eyebrow gel. Apply a mascara type brush on it to keep your bushy brows under control, you'll look and feel better about yourself.

Uneven brows. This usually happens when someone over-plucks, you may need to fill in with a little brow powder to even out those brows, wait for them to grow back, or see a professional to get them fixed.

If you do pluck your eyebrows, remember that bright, natural sunlight gives you the best lighting to pluck away those extra hairs. If you have trouble seeing which hairs to pluck, try using the rearview mirror in your car for the best results.

All these simple mistakes are inevitable and they can be bothersome too. Especially if you are the type that puts great importance in making your eyebrow presentable. After all, well-groomed brows are the most appealing and professional.

There is one way to avoid all of these though. And that is through permanently microbladed eyebrows.

Eyebrow Microblading: What is it?

Microblading is one of the best ways to help improve the look of the eyebrows. It involves small, fine-point needles and similar to tattooing, is created by drawing in strokes and depositing pigments into the skin. Techniques and mastery of the device will result in realistic-looking hair that beautifully fills in any sparse areas of the eyebrows.

This procedure is perfect for busy bees, those who are always on the run and has realized that filling and perfecting the eyebrows in the morning is a bit time-consuming. Other than that, those who suffer from eyebrow hair loss due to skin and medical conditions, overplucking, stress, or for those who naturally have thinner eyebrows can also avail this option to alleviate the burden of ungroomed brows.

If you are seriously considering getting your eyebrows microbladed, you must know the microblading process. Your eyebrow technician will usually explain it all to you but it wouldn’t hurt to know beforehand. Of course, microblading is not a matter that you decided on a second ago. You must consider its advantages, the disadvantages, the process, the touch-ups and most importantly, the cost. It’s not a cheap procedure and you’ll be needing multiple trips back to your eyebrow technician if you are looking into perfecting your eyebrows.

Microbladed Eyebrows Done. Now what?

Yey! You’ve done the deed and now you are off to start the day with your newly microbladed eyebrows! But a few days after your first treatment might not be what you expect.

Fresh out of your eyebrow technician's place, your eyebrows are not ready yet. They are on the process of healing and what they’ll look like will highly depend on how thorough you are with aftercare.

Your technician will brief you on the things and products you must use to achieve your desired eyebrows after the healing period. The days after the first treatment will give you scabs, minimal pain, and your eyebrows might even look cartoonish.

Here are a few things to keep an eye to after your first treatment.

Day 1 and 2

The skin surrounding the eyebrows will be reddish and tender to the touch. There will also be minor swelling and bruising. However, this is normal as your eyebrows just underwent through the hands of micro-needles.

Day 3 and 4

The pain and discomfort from your first two days should have subside by day 3 and 4. Your eyebrows will also look their darkest and thickest at this time.

Day 5 to 7

Day 5 to 7 is the actual healing period and at this point, your eyebrows will start to scab and will result to flakiness. This is natural and eventually, the darkness of the pigment will subside.

Day 8 to 11

At this time, the scab will begin to heal and the skin flakiness will stop. The eyebrow pigment will become more evident on these days.

Day 12 to 14

Your day 12 to 14 will see brighter days. The healing process will continue and your eyebrows will look more natural as the strokes become more defined. During the following days, you’ll start to see your perfect eyebrows beginning to take place.

Aftercare: Important Tips to Remember

  • During the first week after your first treatment and as a first step to your aftercare, you should avoid exposure to the sunlight as much as possible.

  • Sweat and water can smudge the brow pigment so avoid excessive movements that will cause you too sweat such as working out and going to the gym. This is also during the first week.

  • DO NOT pick on your scabs. Doing so can remove the pigment and will delay the healing time. This will also leave you with patchy eyebrows so no matter how tempting it is, do not ever pick on them and just leave them be.

  • After the 4-6 weeks healing period, you will be instructed to go back to your eyebrow technician for touchups and if necessary, modifications to the microbladed eyebrows.

For more detail, check out our microblading after care guide.

All this pain and tedious aftercare procedure will be worth it. With microbladed eyebrows, one, you’ll be saving time in the morning. Second, one of the reasons why people skip on microblading is the cost. But without even realizing it, spend hundreds of dollars on eyebrow products every year. If you accumulate the cost of these products in the long run, you might even be spending more than having your eyebrows microbladed!

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